In the News


I'm grateful to have been featured in some articles and podcasts, discussing hurricanes, my research, or the life of a graduate student in meteorology.

In addition to the articles below, I've also conducted 2 interviews with BBC Radio 1, discussing Hurricane Michael in 2018, and Hurricane Dorian in 2019.

Florida State University News“Hurricanes from scratch: FSU researchers find even small disturbances can trigger catastrophic storms”. 13 May 2020.


National Science Foundation Research – “Even small disturbances can trigger catastrophic hurricanes, researchers find”. 19 May 2020


WCTV Tallahassee“Federal meteorologists unable to attend annual meeting due to shutdown”. 11 January 2019.


“FSU grad student attempting to solve the mystery of hurricane formation”. 22 May 2020.


Forbes“2 tropical storms aren’t going to merge into a megastorm – here’s why”. 22 August 2020.


American Geophysical Union Eos“Storms interact but rarely merge into bigger tempests”. 26 August 2020.


CNN“This relentless Atlantic hurricane season has put nearly every mile of coastline from Texas to Maine on alert”. 13 November 2020.


CBS“The record-shattering 2020 hurricane season, explained”. 20 November 2020.


The Houston Chronicle“Watch 2020’s record-breaking hurricane season unfold in 76 seconds”. 23 November 2020.


The Weather Channel“Watch: The 2020 hurricane season summed up in 76 seconds”. 24 November 2020.

American Meteorological Society - Clear Skies Ahead Podcast, premiered 21 September 2021.

Carolina Weather Group - College Series, focusing on the experiences of a meteorology student, including tips on applying to graduate school. Premiered 20 October 2021.