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Meet the Group!

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In my new role at UND, I am hard at work seeking funding support for students and postdocs. I will update this page whenever I am actively seeking a student or postdoc for a funded research project.

Regardless, contact me if you'd like to chat! Other pathways to collaborate include Graduate Teaching Assistantships and various fellowship programs, where we can create a project together from scratch! And while I'll shamelessly put on my UND Recruiter Hat, I want to help you make the most informed, empowered career choices for yourself.

You'll see enough about me across the site, so I'll keep this quick.

I didn't necessarily have a "big event" I directly experienced that got me hooked on meteorology - really, lightning and thunderstorms freaked me out! I moved from the Chicago area to South Florida for high school, but my first real taste of hurricanes came in 2016, when Hurricane Hermine hit near Tallahassee, FL while I was a senior at Florida State. After seeing what "just a Category 1" did in the area, and doing live-streaming TV coverage with fellow students, I knew tropical meteorology was for me. Irma and Michael the next 2 years reinforced that. Combine this with the fun I have in teaching and outreach settings, and the whole "professor" thing made sense.

Atmospheric science is rigorous, and it can be challenging to be a student in this field! My main motivation to be in academia is to improve the student experience. There's a good chance you're here because (1) you think weather is cool, (2) you want to help people, or (3) both. Let's lean into that in the classroom, and build students up with professional networking and the "soft skills" that are essential to be an effective weather and climate scientist today.

Graduate Students

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