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Teaching and Mentorship

I particularly enjoy teaching and interacting with students about research, career opportunities, and anything in between. I've been able to do some of both as a graduate student and postdoc!


Weather Analysis and Forecasting (MET 2507) - Spring 2021
This course is an introduction to meteorological observations, data, codes, and scalar analysis practices. Weather applications software systems and computing environments for meteorological analysis and weather forecasting techniques are examined.


Atmospheric Dynamics 1 (MET 4301) - Fall 2020
Atmospheric dynamics is the study of motion in the atmosphere. Understanding the basic nature of atmospheric flow is critical to understanding the origin and evolution of all weather and climate phenomena. In this course, students learn how to apply fundamental principles of mechanics and thermodynamics (e.g., conservation of momentum, mass, and energy) to derive a set of equations governing atmospheric flow. Students learn how use these governing equations in order to gain insight into the basic nature of atmospheric flow, including the dynamics of vorticity and circulation.


Tropical Meteorology (METEO 597) - Fall 2022
Dynamic Meteorology (METEO 521) - Spring 2023
Severe and Unusual Weather (METEO 005) - Summer 202

I have also served in tutoring roles in high school, undergrad, and during my Master's. I have experience in individual and group settings, tutoring courses in math, physics, meteorology, and environmental science.

I was a TA for Florida State's Atmospheric Dynamics I course, taught by my advisor, Prof. Allison Wing. In the FSU Weather Studio, we produced several "Weather In A Tank", which we've shown in class and outreach activities! Check out the full playlist at this link, covering topics such as the baroclinic instability and Hadley circulation examples shown below.

Finally, I have very much enjoyed mentoring or co-mentoring 3 undergraduate students on research projects dating back to 2020. I am currently serving as the primary mentor for a student under Penn State's Climate Science REU program. I also co-mentored a freshman student under Florida State's UROP program, who continued the work and is aiming to publish in a peer-reviewed journal in 2024!

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